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I am in love with Professor Layton June 18, 2009

Filed under: baby & kid gear,general — Deborah @ 5:30 pm
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No, not some creepy university professor, but Professor Layton of “Professorprofessor layton and the curious village Layton and the Curious Village” on Nintendo DS. Ostensibly, I got this game for my daughter for her birthday. Ha! Sneaky mom. I really got it for myself. And it is just as addicting as the ads make it out to be.

You search for clues in this mysterious village where everyone loves puzzles and brain teasers. I just tell myself that it’s like Sudoku and good for my brain health – yeah, that’s it. Just don’t ever pay attention to the page that tells you how many HOURS you have been playing the game. It’s really, really disturbing.


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