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“keep cool” trick of the day June 24, 2009

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Today it’s about 1000 degrees here in “tropical” Milwaukee, with about 1000% humidity. Seriously, how do you people in Florida and New Orleans deal with this ALL THE TIME?

Now, I like a nice glass of red wine with my pasta dinner just like everyone else does, but it is SO FREAKING HOT here today that the prospect of a “room temperature” glass of Chianti just sounded very unappealing.

Enter, the fridge. Yes, I know, wonder of wonders, the fridge. In my time living in Italy, it would have been considered SACRILEGE to chill a bottle of red wine. They only did that in America with disgusting wines like Lambrusco.  For heavens’ sake, they didn’t even use ICE in their glasses of COKE when I was there. So, looking over my shoulder to be sure the Italian “polizia di vino” weren’t coming after me, I snuck the bottle of Chianti in the fridge. For an hour. And do you know what? It was perfect!

Everyone – chill your wines! And enjoy. Salute!


3 Responses to ““keep cool” trick of the day”

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  2. LJ Says:

    We just have better air conditioning. And *everywhere* is air conditioned.

    The only advantage to living in the south is we don’t have to deal with the extremes of the cold…in summer it may be just as hot and humid in Milwaukee as in southern Virginia, but in Virginia we never have to plug our engines in to keep them from freezing solid 🙂

    • Deborah Says:

      I have some friends who live in Florida, and they end up trapped inside in the summer (A/C) as much as we are in the winter – and the winters here are not too bad as long as you have the right gear. There are maybe only 2-3 days each winter that are so cold your engine would freeze (!), and we get the benefit of our *great* lake to mellow out the extremes – this isn’t Minnesota after all! But I hear VA is beautiful and would love to go there sometime.

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