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The guilty pleasures of cut flowers July 22, 2009

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It was my birthday this week. I’ve been married for 16+ years, and hubby has never really been the “buy flowers” type of guy. He’s always been much more into unique, unplanned, atypical kinds of gestures, which I really like. Always thought we were too cool for flowers.

However, this year, something’s gotten into him. For our anniversary this year, he had this amazingly huge bouquet of flowers delivered to the office. All the women (and even some of the men) oohed and ahhhed. It was dramatic. Sitting on my desktop it was almost as tall as me. Huge. Like hotel lobby kind of huge. And I told him so, and he was the big hero.

So cut to this week, and sure enough, another call from reception and another AMAZINGLY beautiful bouquet. Really dramatic and unique (although not huge, but that’s not a bad thing). Unlike any arrangement I’ve seen before. And again, he’s the hero.

And while I’ve always been a bit of a contrarian, never going for the “Hallmark holidays” or anything like the typical candy-and-flowers types of gestures, I could really, really get used to the guilty pleasures of having cut flowers on my desk.


hard of hearing July 11, 2009

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I used to be able to sleep through anything – thunderstorms, tornadoes, earthquakes, LOUD snoring – BEFORE I had children. Then my daughter was born, and that blessed talent disappeared.  Why is it that moms can always hear the faintest peep of the little ones, even when they don’t WANT to? Even when it’s THEIR TURN to sleep in? Me actually getting an opportunity to sleep in is kinda pointless, as my super duper mom ears tune in to the faintest whisper.

This “skill” is apparently not limted to children – it apparently applies to all young’uns in need. Case in point, our 11-month-old German Shorthaird Pointer puppy Clifford (okay, so the 7-year-old named him, what can I say?). Our daughter was at her grandparent’s house this past weekend, we stayed up late watching movies on Friday, and we had nothing we had to get up for on Saturday. I was really looking forward to a few *extra* hours of sleep Saturday morning. Well, Clifford had other plans. At 5:40 AM, the highest pitch whine on the planet began.

I tried really, really hard to ignore it. I even tried the old “pillow over the head trick.” No use, I ended up getting up at 5:50AM to start the dog’s morning routine (out/food/play/out again & walk/naptime). Funny how men don’t seem to have the hearing problem. Hubby was literally 3 feet away from the dog (sleeping downstairs on the couch because the A/C keeps it much much cooler downstairs than up in our rambling bungalow), and didn’t wake up. Not once.

It’s hard not to get frustrated, although I sometimes just have to realize that at some point in their lives (both the kid, and the puppy), they won’t need me as much. So grin, listen and bear it.


Instant energy July 3, 2009

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From a new mommy blog – Milkshakes & Margaritas – comes a tip on how to tap into some instant energy: Mommy’s New Drug.