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Brrrrr…. January 10, 2010

Filed under: general — Deborah @ 10:31 am

I grew up in Wisconsin. We natives are very tough when it comes to the cold. Really. But once it gets less than 15C I start to protest (but quietly). Unfortunately, Clifford the German Shorthaired Nut still needs his daily mile+ walk. Today I thought I would take a shortcut and instead of walking him we’d visit the dog park for the first time (he had a vet appointment this morning so we were out in the car anyway). It was REALLY cold out there, because it happens to be this really huge open field behind the airport. Can you say wind tunnel? Clifford’s first experience at the dog park lasted all of 10 minutes because I didn’t have the proper gear.

What is the proper gear you might ask? Why, it’s hubby’s old army parka from the surplus store, that is rated at -45C below. It’s huge on me, which, while it makes me look like a complete freak, is very very warm because I can tuck my hands up into the sleeves so it looks like I am hand-less. I have not yet figured out the right hand gear, however. I have the boots figured out, I’ve got the long undewear, the hat, scarf and parka, but gloves? I’m thinking of ski gloves by Lands End, but would love to hear from other Midwestern or East Coast readers what is keeping their fingers warm in the frigid temps. Any tips?


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