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day in, day out January 13, 2010

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I’m heading out to one of my company’s plants on the east coast tomorrow, and have planned a “day in, day out” trip. The benefit is that I don’t have to spend a night away from hubby, child and dog, but the downside is my morning flight leaves at 6am. Yes, 6:00 in the morning. Which means that I will be getting up, oh, around 3:00 IN THE MORNING. And I actually live not too far from the airport.

And since this is a last minute trip I don’t have my usual supply of bottled water, healthy snacks and reading material ready to go, so I will be scrambling tonight. Whine.

Maybe hotels aren’t such a bad thing after all.


One Response to “day in, day out”

  1. Deborah Says:

    Update: I am such a dork. It has been several years since I actually had to fly anywhere (LOVE the fact that Chicago is just a short train trip away), and I completely forgot about the whole liquids-are-forbidden rule. So I had to literally throw out, at the security line, my brand-new, PVC-free water bottle with my requisite quart of water.

    Then on top of it all I lost my most favorite, most beautiful scarf right there in the gate. Didn’t realize it until the plane landed 2 hours later, and by then, well, someone “gifted” themselves with a beautiful, favorite scarf. Lucky them. Several frantic calls to the airport, to the airlines, to the gate and the scarf was gone. Hopefully the karmic wheel will bite the thief on the ass when they least expect it.

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