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The world stops for navy February 21, 2010

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I’m a woman of a certain age. A woman who should know how to wear navy. But I don’t.

Navy must be in the air. I just stopped to see my personal shopper at Macy’s* and pick up a few new items to round out my closet full of suits. The new job (in-house) is a bit less formal, but actually more stylish, than the last job (law firm). My current wardrobe of suits, suits and suits, needed a little tweak, hence the call to Nang at Macy’s.

So she finds the most amazing pair of navy trousers.  I am a black and grey kind of person when it comes to neutrals. My whole wardrobe is tuned to work with black and grey, and even a little brown. But these trousers were navy. Once I tried them on I really didn’t take them off for the rest of the appointment. Beautiful, dark, inky navy, with a gorgeous, slimming cut and beautiful material. I think they may have even been on sale.

Nang of course worked her magic, and started swapping different tops in and out and convincing me that navy works with anything, and that I can, and should wear black shoes with the navy trousers. So I bought them, of course. Then I got them home, and panicked.

And then, bless her, I read LPC’s post on Privilege the very next day What Shoes Can I Wear with Navy Blue? Which is really timely, and helpful, but still the navy stresses me out. You see, all the nice pics in LPC’s post are with navy dresses, or navy suits – basically, navy on the top and navy on the bottom. I get that you can wear basically any color shoe with navy. But I’m dealing with just a pair of navy trousers. So, what color TOP goes with what SHOES that goes with the navy trousers? Are you feeling me? Is it just me that has navy paralysis?

It’s just a color, but I am a hapless, clueless, neophyte and cannot sing with the Village People just yet.

* The personal shopping service at Macy’s is great – no charge to you – they just get a commission on what you buy, and if you work for some time with the same shopper they really get to know your style, size and wardrobe. I’ve been working with Nang Broenen at the Mayfair (Milwaukee) Macy’s for the last 6 years and she has changed my life. Seriously.


4 Responses to “The world stops for navy”

  1. I need to get a Macy’s personal shopper too! I love navy, but wearing it does pose some challenges. I blogged today about my unsuccessful hunts for non-frumpy, professional, affordable navy pumps. (I’m always searching for the perfect navy pump.)

    In terms of what you can wear with your navy slacks, try tops in white, ivory, powder blue or a soft lavender if you want to keep your look fairly conservative. If you want a more striking look, pair your slacks with a bright color like a rich peridot (or lime) green (hope I’m describing this green correctly – it’s the green that’s on your blog).

    Good luck!

    • Deborah Says:

      Thanks for the comments. I experimented a bit this week with the navy trousers, and paired it with black booties, an ivory top and a lime green suede jacket I own. It worked great. I think because the navy is so inky dark, it is almost black, that I’m starting to see the potential.

      Thanks for the link to your blog!


  2. lizoverton Says:

    I know this is a somewhat older post, but I came across your blog and was skimming some of the posts…This one made me nod my head in agreement. I have a great navy blue suit and would love to wear it more, but I feel that the only top that matches it is the one I bought to go with it at the recommendation of the store salesperson and perhaps a turtleneck sweater (but it’s not winter anymore). I have also struggled w/ brown/black shoes with this suit. I don’t really like the brown ones, but I’m always reminded of a speech a classmate of mine did in high school about how wearing black shoes w/ navy blue is a faux pas and have feared wearing black w/ navy ever since…

    • Deborah Says:

      I know – it shouldn’t be so confusing, right? So far I’ve worn black shoes and it wasn’t as bad as I was afraid it would be – these navy pants are a VERY dark navy, however. With the warmer weather, I’ve also worn them with a nude shoe and that looks more sophisticated. I’m on the hunt for a dark red/burgundy shoe because I think that will also work well.

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