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The housecleaner dilemma February 27, 2010

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Corporette graciously provided a link in her weekly roundup to a post by Get Rich Slowly on “How I made my peace with hiring a housekeeper.”

It was refreshing to see someone else who has had some of the same reticence that I have had with having a house cleaner. I never talk about it (hello world!), and I would imagine that most of our friends don’t even know that we have someone who cleans our house once a week.

When our daughter was born, I was working full time, going to law school part time, and hubby was valiantly caring for an infant on his own for 13-hour days (school days). There was no way on earth that if we could help it, we would spend the precious few hours we had together on Saturdays cleaning the house.

This was a bigger hurdle at first for hubby than for me. I was just desperate for the help – he was concerned about his privacy and security. We were lucky enough to get referred to an amazing woman whose husband was a police officer and also ran a landscaping business on the side, and was willing to take us on as regular clients in her already full schedule.

That was 8 years ago, and even though we’ve hit a budget crunch just like everyone else in this economy, I would fight tooth and nail to keep her on for as long as I could.

I too have felt some guilt over not being willing or able to keep my own house clean. As a modern woman in America, there is an expectation that we can do all, be all, and deliver the goods. I’ve come to realize that trying to do that is a good way to end up in an early grave. I’ve since embraced the value of my time and the time I can spend with my family, and am grateful for being able to afford this little luxury.


2 Responses to “The housecleaner dilemma”

  1. The woman who cleaned my home off and on for two years fell ill last year and could not continue her work. I haven’t hired anyone new since that time but really need to! I just spent half my morning picking up after my toddler son who owns a gazillion Legos, Hot Wheels and other tiny toys.

  2. Tammy McLeod Says:

    Lose the guilt about hiring a housekeeper. Think about it as a way to invest in your local economy while keeping your sanity. The only way that we can “do all” is by making smart choices like getting a housekeeper. Just found your blog and really like it.

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