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Stay on Target March 21, 2010

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I find it interesting that when you are the busiest, most hectic, most overwhelmed, it is also the most difficult to stay on target – to remain focused on what you need to get accomplished.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Life has been throwing me for a loop lately. We’ve had some issues at home with our daughter, which has challenged me emotionally and has distracted me immensely. I’ve now been in my new job for three months and am knee-deep in several large, critical projects and a whole bunch of smaller, also critical projects. And the demands on my time, my thoughts, my focus just keep coming. I’m finding it difficult to keep it all together and get done what I need to get done. Which just makes it worse.

I have recently rethought my organizational techniques and have become a “convert” of Getting Things Done, or GTD. I am only about three weeks into this, which, for those of you who know the old adage, is barely enough time to develop a habit. I’m slipping. My inbox is growing – I’m checking and rechecking things constantly to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything, which again, is what GTD is supposed to free you from.

Is it really possible to keep it all together, all the time? Is there a critical mass of “things to do” that is just too much for any system to handle?

Existential ramblings aside, I have recommitted myself to organization (again!). I spent a good hour and a half on Friday afternoon doing my weekly review. I have captured everything, for the moment at least. Now the challenge is to expand the 24 hour day into something a bit longer to enable me to get it all done.

If anyone has learned how to do that, please let me know. I could use it now more than ever.


One Response to “Stay on Target”

  1. sheswrite Says:

    No one can keep it all together all of the time because, well, we’re human and trying to do so will drive us bonkers. I know, it’s a lesson I have to keep relearning. I’m trying, and it’s a struggle to be more and more OK with doing the best I can with what I’ve got. I mean if you’ve given your best, well that’s really all we can do and we have to find away to be proud of that even if it feels it’s not “enough.”

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