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A food revelation November 21, 2010

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For the last 8 weeks my husband and I have adopted Eating Clean, and the change in our nutrition and energy has been dramatic.

The Eat Clean DietIn the past I had always thought we ate “clean.” We rarely have pre-packaged food in the house, we’ve eaten primarily organic foods for the last 8 years, we even make our own pasta, bread, gelato and sausage. But when I read the book The Eat Clean Diet, and started cooking from it, the changes were dramatic.

We’re trying to lose weight in our house, and have been trying for some time. Hubby’s been going to a personal trainer 2x/week, and I’ve been walking 1-2 miles each day for the last 2 years. But the weight hasn’t budged.

Now weight has been dropped, and the ill effects of too much sodium, sugar and white flours have melted away.

Granted, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to do. It requires planning and a lot of cooking ahead on the weekend. It’s made me rethink our decision to get rid of that extra fridge/freezer in the basement (I am rapidly running out of freezer space). It’s meant some dishes were great “hits” with the whole family and others were decided “misses.” And even if we take an occasional day or two off and have a nice dinner out, we’re working on not feeling guilty about it. One night is not going to wreck all the good work we’re doing. If anything, I am noticing even more how salty food tastes when eaten in a restaurant, and frankly, it’s not very appealing.

Now, if I can only get this much willpower around my workouts, I’d be hitting on all cylinders. That one’s next.