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Affogato! June 12, 2011

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I have been on the lookout for new ways to justify my new coffee maker (besides drinking LOTS of coffee – ZING!), and have recently discovered this amazing dessert called affogato. It’s Italian (certo!) for “drowned” and it’s when you “drown” a scoop of gelato with espresso and/or other liquid goodies.

We just experienced a heat wave here in the Midwest, and we went from 50-degree weather to 100+ degree weather in the matter of a day (welcome to Wisconsin!). Suddenly, turning on the oven to bake some biscotti did not seem like a good idea.

We were browsing our neighborhood Italian market to pick up some antipasto makings, which just recently remodeled itself from a hole-in-the-wall to a more upscale version of itself, including a gelato bar. There was a sign for this “adult” dessert which seemed simple enough.

It’s literally as easy as putting a scoop of gelato or ice cream into a glass, and drizzling fresh hot espresso over it. Seriously.

Some sites recommend Frangelico, Kaluha or other alcoholic libations (check out the post on The Bitten Word on Tipsy Affogato – BTW, my drag queen name would be Muffin Fennimore), but I was so impressed with the simple original that I’m not inclined to go the Tipsy route just yet.

Try it today – you’ll love it.


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