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Curls, curly, curl, curly girl curls September 30, 2011

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I am about 18 months into growing out my pixie cut. This is the 4th attempt to grow my hair out in the last 10 years – ever try it? It is NOT easy, and I am a pro at chopping off my hair then immediately growing it back out again. But pixie cuts, fugghedaboudit! A true nightmare.

I stayed strong though, and am now at the point where my hair looks SOMEWHAT intentional. That’s a good thing. Yeah, that and the CURLS! WTF? Where did these come from?

Prior to the pixie cut I had my hair in a pretty much no-style (meaning, it had NO style) chin-length bob. All one length. And I had waves. I have had piles and piles of thick poofy hair and waves all my life (which is usually why short hair is my friend). But as these pixie layers are getting longer and longer, my hair is CURLING not waving. I mean actual spirals that wrap around into CURLS!

At first I was a bit dismayed. And then I would get the shocked and surprised comments from people who hadn’t seen me in a few months startled by how different my hair looked.

Then, of course, the autodidact in me kicked in and I started doing research. There are now whole communities of curlies on the internet! And salons and products especially for people with hair like me!! Where on earth were all these people 30 years ago when I was a miserable teenager trying to deal with massively huge poof-head? I have hated, and I mean HATED my hair for the majority of my life. Some of my earliest memories are of my mother taking me to the neighborhood salon (yea, literally, the place in the suburban strip mall) and the stylist going on and on about how I had more hair than she had ever seen in her life as she proceeded to chop it all off of my 4-year-old head, which in turn allowed me to get mistaken for a boy for the next 2 years. Lets just say that 10 years of a pixie cut was really just my way of barely avoiding completely shaving my head bald because I was unable to deal with my hair.

So now, in 2011, at 43 years old, I have discovered (1) that I actually have curly hair (or some would call it wavy/curly, WHATEVER!), (2) there are actual haircuts and stylists and products and salons that KNOW how to deal with hair like MINE and DEAL with hair like MINE on an everyday basis, (3) everything I have been doing to my hair for the last 43 years are exactly all the WRONG things to do to hair like mine and finally (4) I can actually have hair I like and am proud and excited of.

Isn’t the internet the best?!

For all you fellow curlies out there, if you haven’t already, run, do not walk, to your nearest library or bookstore or internet bookseller and pick up a copy of Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey. Bible. Best. Info. Out. There.

And stay tuned – curls will take over the world!