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Meal planning made MUCH easier! March 1, 2012

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PlanToEat.comI’ve been on a quest to try to simplify meal planning, as it is critical for getting my family to eat healthier (otherwise it’s burgers and pizzas all week kids!). There are tons and tons of resources out there, but one that has been really useful for me is this great web site –

Add or upload your recipes. Then select what you want to eat that week (or 3 days, or month!) and the site automatically generates a shopping list from your ingredients. Now I know there are plenty of software programs that do just that (I think I have 2 or 3 of them on my Mac at home right now), but what is GENIUS about PlanToEat is that it’s cloud-based, so you have access to your recipes, planner and shopping list from ANYWHERE. At the store and there’s a great sale on eggplant? Pull up your smartphone and search “eggplant” and get a list of your recipes that include that ingredient, then select the recipe you want and voila! The ingredients are added to your on-the-fly shopping list.

Another great feature is the “Save Recipe” plug in (I have it for Firefox, not sure if it’s available for other browsers). Find an interesting new recipe on a site like or Just hit the Save Recipe link on your bookmark bar and PTE automatically loads it into your recipe database. Like I said, GENIUS, and it works really really well. I’ve been using it now for about 6 months and I have to say that I am a permanent re-subscriber. Just the amount of money I save from the unplanned restaurant trips (because there’s nothing at home for dinner) more than pays for the $39 annual subscription (or $4.95/month). has a 30-day free trial so you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a whirl. I’m all about making it easy for the peeps out there … plan away!

I am not sponsored by (or anyone else for that matter), and received no compensation whatsoever for this post. PlanToEat doesn’t even know who I am!