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Chanel Le Vernis Beige 565 Nail Color Review and Photo May 18, 2012

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Chanel Le Vernis Beige 565 Nail ColorOver the last 4 months or so I’ve become a nail polish addict. I went from owning about 8 nail polishes (either red or sheer pink) to over 40 in a matter of months, and the bulk of those are my new sub-addiction, Chanel nail polish. Ooh la la.

At any rate, I’m on Chanel’s mailing list of course, and got the email about a new “exclusive” shade to be released on May 16. I signed up, everyone was all “what’s the new shade going to be…” and then the announcement came out, and the color was … Beige. Yeah. They’re French, maybe they were trying to be ironic. BUT … I love Chanel polishes, and I don’t have a nude or beige shade because all most of them make me look jaundiced, so I placed the order on anyway.

Well let me just say, regardless of all the hype letdown, this shade is beautiful! It’s my mannequin hands. It has the very classic Chanel subtle shimmer in hot pink – visible in the bottle but barely perceptible on the nail. I think it’s just enough of a cool undertone to make this work with my skintone.

The formula is typical Chanel, which for me is great. It’s a jelly that will require at least 2-3 coats to get opacity (I have 2 coats over Orly Ridgefiller base here), but goes on smoothly and with no streaking. I am by no means expert at nail polish application and it went on very easily for me.

In all, it fits a hole in my collection and I think is classic enough to wear beautifully to office, events and everywhere in between.


2 Responses to “Chanel Le Vernis Beige 565 Nail Color Review and Photo”

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