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The eyeliner that doesn’t look like eyeliner May 25, 2012

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Tightline eyes:

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I am a fairly no-fuss makeup kind of gal. I’ve always relied on an excellent base (Laura Mercier, natch), great mascara (all my faves always get discontinued, but L’Oreal makes excellent ones) and a standout lipcolor (big fan of Clinique lip colors for their great formulation and reasonable price). I’ve never really been into eye makeup. I just think that with a bold lip, a done-up eye looks, well overdone on me.

Recently, on my twice-a-year visit to Blush Beauty in Milwaukee I sat with the owner Sarah Brucker who was helping me select a new Laura Mercier foundation (change of seasons, change of skin tone … you know how it goes!). Quick PSA: Blush Beauty is an excellent local, independent, high-end beauty store – what I love about them (besides the fact that I love to support local businesses) is that they have great staff and these amazing, 15-foot high windows so you can try your makeup on in natural light. BIG difference from sitting in the florescent glow at a department store! At any rate, as Sarah was finishing my face she asked if I ever tried a “tightliner.” A whaa??

I know now that this has been around for awhile, but as I said earlier, I’m not an eye makeup kinda gal. Sarah explained that it’s an eyeliner you apply just under the lash line. It just sort of “beefs up” your lashline without looking as if it’s all done up. I was happy to give it a go. She dipped a flat, straight eyeliner brush (especially made for “tightlining”) into a cake liner (she chose Laura Mercier’s Blue Marine which is a beautiful deep navy) that had been moistened just a bit, and dabbing it ever so gently in between my lashes (but not straying into the white area that touches the eye), being careful not to move into the very corners where I don’t have any lashes. I tell you, I was shocked. It looked amazing! It didn’t look like I was wearing eye makeup, but my lashes and eyes just “popped.”

eHow has a tutorial on how to do this, there are also various how-to videos on YouTube. Even better if you have a great local beauty store like Blush in your town, set up an appointment for a demo!

Stay pretty out there!


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