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Rounding out the pretties … mini-haul of Chanel Le Vernis May 27, 2012

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Boxes for Chanel Le Vernis Dragon, Rouge Fatal, ImperialI am quite late to the Chanel nail polish party. I’ve missed all many of the super-cool shades such as Jade, Cosmic Violine, Coco Blue and Blue Boy (all the Les Jeans Collection, actually). I started early this year at Paradoxal, and even there I was late (Paradoxal was a Fall 2010 release). I am working quite diligently to at least capture all the Chanels that are available now that I can’t do without.

I find that at first I was buying Chanel nail polish just because it was Chanel. However, there are some colors that I just don’t like on me (Attraction and Island, I’m talking to you!) so I either never purchased or I returned them. I also find that I really hate having close duplicates of colors. I don’t want to end up with 100s of polishes, and I would like each polish to be unique in my collection.

As I say that though, I find I am breaking my own “rule.” Dragon is very close in color to Pirate, which I already own. Main difference is that Dragon is a creme (which I love) and Pirate is a jelly (which I also really love). My reasoning justification is this: (1) Reds are really my favorite colors, and (2) Dragon is one of those very classic Chanel colors that you really just HAVE to have. Kind of like Black Satin and Vamp.Chanel Le Vernis Dragon, Rouge Fatal, Imperial

These 3 – Chanel Le Vernis Dragon 475 (classic true-red creme), Chanel Le Vernis Rouge Fatal 487 (deep burgundy red creme) and Imperial 469 (deep rich brown creme) – are the last that I am getting that are currently available. I hope to be swatching over the next several weeks, and even though they aren’t the newest/latest, I’ll still be posting my pics and reviews here.

Now I’m just anxiously awaiting the (hopeful) arrival of Diwali and Skyline, and possibly even (if the rumors are true) the re-release of Les Jeans in the US.


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  1. […] there is no one in real life that I know who even really knows about my nascent Chanel nail polish obsession or who even cares one whit about nail polish. So my raves and hopes and dreams all get poured out […]

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