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Anticipation June 20, 2012

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Angel Kisses

Angel Kisses by under Creative Commons License.

I have a polish fairy! Isn’t that amazing! There are some great stories on the web about nail polish fanatics’ various polish fairies, perhaps none more famous than Pam’s at I would read with utter envy about how Pam’s great polish fairies, Petah and James, would send her all kinds of rare and lovely nail polish beauties from all over the world, and think how lovely it would be to have my own polish fairy.

Now, there is no one in real life that I know who even really knows about my nascent Chanel nail polish obsession or who even cares one whit about nail polish. So my raves and hopes and dreams all get poured out on the interweb, with you lovely folks.

And as I was browsing the Purse Forum Nail Care board the other day, I noted how a few of my neighbors to the north in Canada were getting Diwali, which is the new light gold Le Vernis that is part of the Bombay Express collection this summer. I hadn’t heard of anyone getting it in the US yet, so I checked with the store up in Toronto that the poster said they got it from and confirmed they had it, and they also had 3 of the other Chanel beauties that I was wishing for but are not available in the US (unless you want to pay crazy prices … as if $26 for a bottle of polish wasn’t crazy enough) – Coco Blue, Blue Boy and Lilac Sky. I was excited, and I asked the sales associate if she would ship to the US. And that’s when I cued the “waah waah” music because she said they couldn’t – nail polish is (apparently) flammable and they (apparently) had nail polish explode(!) when they tried to ship it to the US, so they weren’t allowed to do that anymore.

So, dejected, I poured my heart out on the nail board and wouldn’t you know it, not one, but TWO lovely Canadians offered to ship the polish to me!

Back to the store, I placed an order for the polish, which is now ready and waiting to ship. If all goes well they should arrive next week! All thanks to the kindness of strangers, I will be able to make my Chanel Le Vernis dreams come true. If that isn’t fairy magic I don’t know what is.


3 Responses to “Anticipation”

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  3. […] I mentioned a few weeks ago, I found myself with a Canadian polish fairy. And today, my friends, the package arrived, and boy did she ever deliver! I was literally able to […]

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