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Chanel Le Vernis Delight 607 nail polish – UPDATE with matte June 21, 2012

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Chanel Le Vernis Delight 607nail polish

Chanel Le Vernis Delight 607 with Poshe (gloss) top coat

Something strange happened to me on my way to the Chanel counter.

I had passed on Chanel Le Vernis Delight 607 when it first came out as part of the 2012 Summertime de Chanel collection. I thought it was too “blingy” for me, and I thought Island was too frosty, so I only ended up with Holiday 617, which is a beautiful, summery orange jelly.

Then rumors of Le Vernis Diwali were bandied about, a pale shimmery gold metallic as part of the “Bombay Express” collection, that is just now starting to appear in very limited boutiques in certain countries. I was captivated by this pale gold polish and knew I would need to get it when I could.

THEN the comparison shots of Diwali and Delight started appearing and I saw that Diwali and Delight are sisters of a sort – both gold-based metallics, but Delight is definitely more rose-colored, kind of the bronze-gold sister to what appears to be Diwali’s pale gold glow.

Which then of course made me reconsider Delight. And I am glad I did. Photos really don’t do a polish like this justice. It looks so over-the-top (to my eyes anyway) and showy in photographs, which is not my style. But in person, well, in person it’s just a subtle, beautiful, bronze-gold glow on my fingertips. I can’t stop looking at it, but it doesn’t scream “look at me” either.

In classic Chanel form, the formula is flawless. I am a complete novice with nail polish application and this polish (as with most all Chanel polishes) made my job very, very easy. This photo is two coats over Barielle’s Moisturizing Ridge Filler base coat, topped with Poshe top coat. No streaks, no pooling, tons of control during the application.

Chanel has done it again, and made a convert out of a skeptic. Coco you sly minx you. Chanel Le Vernis Delight 607 is a limited edition color as part of the Summertime de Chanel collection, US $26 on or Chanel counters worldwide.


UPDATE – In an effort to extend and change up my manicure this week, I decided to add the Chanel Top Coat Velvet to my Delight mani, to see how it looked.

It’s still glowy, but with matte-ing it it definitely looks velvety and I think a bit richer in real life. You be the judge. Enjoy!

Chanel Le Vernis Delight with Chanel Top Coat Velvet matte top coat





















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