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Loodie dishes the goods on Faux Zoya Remove+ nail polish remover July 6, 2012

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If you like to do nails, you also know that you pay the price when it comes time for removal. I quickly learned, even in my nail newbie days, that using a non-acetone nail polish remover was an exercise in futility, as I would have to scrub my poor nails so hard to remove all the polish they would be sore for days.

So I switched to 100% pure acetone for nail polish removal, which is seriously effective, and seriously drying. Nail polish is removed quickly (no more sore nails), but my nails and cuticles are so dried out by the process that I end up oiling and moisturizing for days just to get everything back to normal (and just in time to start it all over again as I am one of those unlucky souls with chippy body chemistry).

As I was just starting on my renewed nail polish journey about 6 months ago, I came across many reviews for Zoya’s Remove + nail polish remover. Renowned for being both as effective as 100% acetone but not as drying, I was intrigued. I got a sample size of Remove+ in a mini Zoya set I ordered around the holidays, and was certainly convinced. What I was not convinced of was the price – US $9.99 for 8 ounces. The way I go through remover? That’s a lot of cheddar that could be used to purchase my Chanel pretties!

Thankfully, the MUA nail board came to the rescue, with links to the blog of a beautiful scientist named Anna, otherwise known as Loodie, and her magic recipe for Faux Zoya Remove+. I was intrigued, and lucky for me, there was a CVS very near my Sally’s Beauty Supply, so it was easy to get my hands on some glycerine and try it. And try it YOU should. Loodie’s a genius, and this works just as well as Remove+ at a fraction of the price. I was even able to pick up a “pump top” dispenser at Sally’s, much like the one they use for the Zoya product.

There are tons of great posts about nail care and nail treatments at Loodie’s blog. You should go there and get schooled. All hail St. Loodie, patron saint of nails.


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