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Swatch spoons! July 8, 2012

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swatch spoons pink red orange

swatch spoons green blue brown grey black

I finally got my clear swatch spoons, and as it so happens, I had a free hour and a half hanging out with my daughter to swatch my polishes. I was able to swatch out everything I currently have, and I’ve even prepped blank spoons with labels for the ones that I am waiting for in nail mail (and for the Fall 2012 Chanel arrivals at my local Chanel counter next week). I only have about 50 polishes at the moment, and my “philosophy,” if you can have such a thing, is to avoid having color duplicates in my stash, for the most part anyway. We’ll see how well my resolve holds up as Chanel introduces their new colors. It’s definitely not my goal to just have lots of polish, but I will actually admit here that I am a huge Chanel collector, so that may be the only brand that I may be tempted to purchase most, if not all, of the polishes as they are released.

Anyway, it feels good to have these as a tool, not only for reference and choosing a particular mani or pedi color, but also for future color comparisons. What about you? Do you swatch your stash or just let it grow organically?


6 Responses to “Swatch spoons!”

  1. Lindz Says:

    Love this! I tried to order something similar to these (the spoons actually could be inserted into, stored and organized in this plastic tray thing) from but for some reason they wouldn’t ship that particular item to Germany. Boo!

    • Deborah Says:

      I picked these up on Ebay, and they shipped straight from China (took about 10 days) so I would be surprised if they wouldn’t also ship to Germany. I really like them – they are so much easier to view and organize then swatch wheels (although I find the wheels are great for nail art “experiments”).

  2. Kari Says:

    what are they called on ebay? having trouble finding some to buy

    • Deborah Says:

      Hi Kari! I found them under “polish stick” or “nail art stick.” I purchased from seller sunwebhome – they come direct from China, so it can take a few weeks, but I have no complaints about the product, price or service.

  3. Alisha Says:

    Oh, all of those Chanel swatches are making me weak in the knees!! Where did you buy those spoons? I am having trouble keeping track now that I have over 200 polishes (only 3 Chanel though, mostly OPI). I could see myself in a 12 step program at some time 🙂

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