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Chanel Le Vernis Coco Blue 551 nail polish July 11, 2012

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Chanel Le Vernis Coco BlueLadies and gentlemen, meet my lemming, Coco Blue.

I first got hooked on Chanel nail polish back in January, and let’s just say there is NO going back from this habit.

However, since it was only in the last 7 months that I’ve been introduced to the joy that is Chanel Le Vernis, I also missed out on a lot of very cool, very desirable colors. The Les Jeans Collection, introduced in 2011 for Fashion Night Out, which includes Coco Blue, Blue Boy and Blue Rebel, was at the top of that list.

For those of you NOT in the US, you’ll wonder what the big deal is because for some infernal reason, you HAVE the Les Jeans colors available at the counter of your normal, everyday Chanel retailer. Not so here in the States – it’s gone baby gone.

Now, however, thanks to my polish fairy, Coco Blue and Blue Boy (the 2 colors I wanted from Les Jeans) are part of my collection. And Coco Blue was the first one I was just dying to try.

It’s much prettier in person than in photos. I never realized it had a pearlescent shimmer to it, both in the bottle and VERY subtly on the nail. It’s also much more of a PITA to apply, however. I am truly spoiled by 90% of Chanel’s polishes and their amazing formula and application. It makes the difficult ones stand out that much more. In truth, Coco Blue applies no worse than most China Glaze polishes, and at least for me still applies better than most Essie polishes. It was just streaky and pulled a bit. I had to be very mindful of pulls and gaps as I was filling in the second coat.

This application is 2 coats of Chanel Le Vernis Coco Blue 551 over Palladio Fuse base coat and topped with Out the Door top coat. And let’s just say I can’t stop looking at my nails.


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7 Responses to “Chanel Le Vernis Coco Blue 551 nail polish”

  1. Lindz Says:

    Since reading your blog, I now find myself coveting a bottle or two, or three of Chanel polish. I remember buying Chanel Metallic Vamp as a teenager after saving up my hard earned babysitting money. It was the first pricey polish I had ever purchased. In spite of the fact that that momentous occasion predated my full on nail polish addiction by a good ten years, it still remains the most expensive polish I have ever owned.

    • Deborah Says:

      Isn’t it funny the memories we have of things like that! Well, as I’ve heard it said on a number of the nail boards, Chanel polish is like potato chips – you can’t stop at just one!

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