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Chanel Le Vernis Frenzy 559 nail polish July 23, 2012

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Chanel Le Vernis Frenzy 559Up for consideration today is one of the nail polishes Chanel is introducing for its Fall 2012 “Les Essentiels de Chanel” collection, Frenzy 559.

Frenzy is an odd duck. In some lights, it looks grey, in others, a brownish-greyish taupe, in others a light violet and in still others a light violet greyish taupe. I haven’t decided yet if I like it on my skin tone or not. Par for the course, in some lights I really like it, and in others I’m afraid it gives me corpse hands.

Two things I will say about it though. First as per usual, this is an amazing Chanel formula, and second, it could be another staple office-appropriate color.

As for the formula, even though Frenzy is a light color, there was virtually no streaking on the first coat and beautiful opacity on the second (this is 2 coats, over Chanel Base Protectrice and topped with Out the Door top coat). I had always stayed away from light colors on my nails because of the “Essie effect” (or that’s what I call it anyway) – an inferior formula that streaks and pulls to high heaven and requires a nail tech license to get to look good. Chanel has made me not only reconsider, but fall in love, with lighter colors (such as Ballerina, Frisson or Beige) on nails. For that reason alone I pay the premium price for Chanel (in tune with my general philosophy of quality over quantity).

Secondly, the world needs more office-appropriate colors that go beyond pale pink. Many women have restrictions (real or perceived) in the nail colors they can wear to work, and Frenzy is definitely a neutral, but a neutral with an “edge.” That’s also what I love about Chanel, is they take what’s “accepted” and put just the tiniest little twist to it to make it just a small bit special. Frenzy 559 definitely falls into that category.

Chanel Le Vernis Frenzy 559 is available for US $26 at Chanel counters and at, as part of the Fall 2012 Les Essentiels de Chanel collection (along with Suspicious 561 and Vertigo 563).

My reviews are of products I purchased, and that I (usually) love. Other than affiliate links with Amazon, I receive no compensation, samples or other products of any kind.


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