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Chanel Le Vernis Lilac Sky 210 nail polish July 31, 2012

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Chanel Le Vernis Lilac Sky 210 nail polishI started on my Chanel nail journey only at the end of 2011, so there are a number of nail colors that I have missed out on, some of recent vintage and some of not-so-recent vintage. Of those, one of my more obtainable desires was Chanel Le Vernis Lilac Sky 210. I say more obtainable because it was still available in other countries at retail pricing and at a small markup over retail in the US, versus a shade like Jade, which is going for nearly $300 a pop on eBay.

Thanks to my Canadian polish fairy, I was able to pick up Lilac Sky along with my Les Jeans lemmings, and I was chomping at the bit to try it out.

Introduced in Spring 2006 as part of The Color World collection, this is a beautiful color, and is unique in my small, but growing, collection. At first it looks like it could be a scary frost, a la grandmas and the 1980s, but alas, this is a CHANEL frost, which is really more a pearlescent shimmer. I really hesitate to even call it a frost, but I feel I need to distinguish it from a straight-ahead creme finish.

This is a sister clearly to Chanel Le Vernis Pearl Drop, and also likely for the new Chanel Le Vernis Skyline (part of the new 2012 Bleu Illusion collection, not yet available in the US), from what I’ve seen of swatches online. All three seem to have that same, ivory shimmer undercurrent, highly visible in the bottle and more subtly so on the nail.

This is Chanel nail color the way I love it, an absolute PLEASURE to apply. Non-streaky, no pulling, no brush strokes. The color is a straight ahead lilac. I actually imagined how beautiful this would be in an Easter-themed skittles-type mani with Coco Blue, Pearl Drop, May and maybe Mimosa (Chanel’s yellow creme nail color).

I’m not aware of any direct dupes, and although there are plenty of lilac creme polishes I’m not aware of any with an undercurrent of pearlescent shimmer.

This is two coats over Barielle Pro Argan Oil Nail Fortifier and topped with Out the Door quick dry top coat. Chanel Le Vernis Lilac Sky 210 is not currently available in the US, but if you’re traveling to Canada, Europe or Asia, you should be able to readily find a bottle. It’s currently available for US $27 on IzzysBeautyShoppe, but since it’s no longer a current color in the US, stock, and pricing, may vary.


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