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Tangled up in blue – Chanel Le Vernis Sky Line nail polish September 7, 2012

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Chanel Le Vernis Sky LineI am not normally one to get all rhapsodic about blue nail polish (although I’ve acquired a number of them lately).

But Chanel Le Vernis Sky Line, a limited edition color introduced this summer as part of the Blue Illusion de Chanel collection, is an altogether different kind of blue.

You know me, I’m a nude, pink, red, maybe vampy kinda gal. But something about SkyLine is eminently wearable. My nails are just glowing. They aren’t screaming “look at me I’m bright blue!” The blue isn’t really “bright” at all. I am totally comfortable wearing this to the office, much more so than I was wearing Coco Blue. Pam at did a great comparison of Sky Line with other Chanel blues in her collection.

The finish is a frost metallic, and yes, there are some brushstrokes, and no, I really don’t mind them at all. I don’t think they are distracting, and in fact, I think it’s really part of the overall “look” of the polish. It’s very similar in consistency and tone to Chanel Le Vernis Pearl Drop 511. The frost is not a scary 1980s kind of frost. It’s more of a really intense shimmer.

The application was pretty straightforward, other than I messed up by not letting the last coat of color dry enough before putting on my top coat. Word to the wise – when you are dealing with a frosty-ish polish that can have brushstrokes, don’t mess up the effect by brushstroking on the top coat. My bad, lesson learned. This is two coats of Chanel Le Vernis Sky Line over Barielle Natural Nail Camouflage and topped with Orly Sec N Dry quick dry top coat.

Our friends across the pond in the UK have had Sky Line for about 2 months, and I had been just dying in anticipation for it to finally arrive in the US. This was another one of those “will the reality never meet my expectations,” and the answer, in the case of Chanel Le Vernis Sky Line is, “mais oui my dear, it certainly does.”

Chanel Le Vernis Sky Line is now available in the US at select boutiques and for US $30 on

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  1. […] effort. Bel-Argus has a slight tendency to show brush strokes, but like other Chanel metallics (see Skyline, Black Pearl, countless others), that is kind of the look that they are going […]

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