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A cure for rainy days – Chanel Le Vernis Blue Boy 555 nail polish April 17, 2013

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Chanel Le Vernis Blue Boy

Introduced as part of the Les Jeans de Chanel collection for Fashion’s Night Out in 2011, along with the pale blue Coco Blue and darker Blue Rebel, this was my first opportunity to wear Chanel Le Vernis Blue Boy 555, and I have to admit I love the color. Which is surprising because I’m not generally a huge fan of blues.

Blue Boy is the perfect color for this cold and rainy spring weather. Not too dark, moving toward lighter spring colors, but yet still muted in tone and reflective of cloudy, rainy skies.

This is a very wearable blue polish, and in my opinion, can be office appropriate if you have the freedom to wear anything other than pale neutrals on your nails.

The formula on this is excellent. It’s a creme, but has a slight jelly consistency to it (the “crelly” that Chanel does so well) which prevents the color from sliding into chalkiness. Application was a breeze, and there was no streaking, pulling or bubbling, or any of the formula problems that sometimes plague unusual colors like blues and greens.

Blue Boy was a limited edition in 2011 and is no longer available in the US other than from eBay and other resellers, but is available as Blue Boy 555 in Canada, Europe and Asia as part of the regular collection. I was lucky in that I had a Canadian polish fairy who could feed my desire for the Les Jeans that I missed in 2011. If you can get your hands on it, do. It’s my favorite (so far) of the three in the collection.




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