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The “yang” of Chanel’s Hong Kong Collection – Chanel Eastern Light nail polish May 31, 2013

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Chanel Eastern Light
It is apropos that I took this picture on my first trip to China, as Chanel Eastern Light Le Vernis nail polish is the “yang” of Chanel’s Hong Kong Collection – the white to Western Light‘s dark.

I am not personally a fan of white polishes (although I do love Chanel’s Pearl Drop, but that is more a pearlescent ivory than a white, in my opinion), but they ARE very “in” this season, and you know I can’t pass up on a new Chanel Le Vernis collection.

Introduced as a special limited edition in Spring 2013, Hong Kong de Chanel included two le vernis, the pure white creme Eastern Light and the beautiful dark brownish/black jelly Western Light. Tongue-in-cheek on the part of Mr. Peter Philips to make them light and dark, yin and yang.

The application on Chanel Le Vernis Eastern Light was beautiful, nearly foolproof, and I can be quite a fool when it comes to nail polish application. This was a rush job in my hotel in Shanghai before we were leaving to catch our plane later that afternoon, and it still looks beautiful (it didn’t look so great after man-handling luggage and getting through customs, however).

Do you need to have THIS white cream polish, probably not. Dupes abound I have no doubt. But what I have heard on the web is that this is one of the best formulas for white cream polishes.

Chanel Le Vernis Eastern Light is available as a special limited edition in Chanel boutiques (only) and in the US for $3o on


How do you do, Taboo? Chanel Le Vernis Taboo 583 May 13, 2013

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Chanel Le Vernis Taboo 583“Nailheads” can be a picky lot. Especially the ones you find on internet boards such as Makeup Alley’s Nail board. They love their glitter, they love their shimmer, they love their bling.

It’s hard for Chanelophiles to participate in that world (speaking from experience here). I’m of a “certain” age, and don’t personally find glitterbombs on my nails to be particularly appropriate. For me, I value the spot-on formula, color consistency, and slight (but still appropriate) edginess from Chanel polishes.

There are few releases from Chanel that prompt any sort of cred on the nailboards, primarily because (1) Chanel polishes are often rapidly “duped” by less expensive, and frankly, IMO, less quality brands, and (2) Chanel only occasionally comes out with “must have” colors that cause a stir on the interweb. The recent spate of classic creme-polishes-with-an-edge neutrals such as Infidele and Provocation from this past Fall’s Fashion’s Night Out don’t make the gals of the glitter world get all swoony.

But Chanel’s one-off Le Vernis nail polish, as part of the Revelation de Chanel collection, has caused a bit of a bump in internet credibility on the part of the Chanel Beaute crew. This baby’s got some microglitter goin’ on. It’s a deep, dark purple creme (think Chanel’s Vendetta 483) with shots of red, gold and blue microglitter thrown in for good measure. It’s an actual REAL shimmer, not the typical “hidden” shimmer that you see in many, many of Chanel’s classic nail colors. This looks like a galaxy in a bottle, with the inky-dark purple sky backdrop and tiny glittery stars of various colors sprinkled throughout. It’s just beautiful.

And while Taboo has the glittery goodness to tempt the glitter-bombers, it also has enough subtlety to not freak out those of us with a bit more of a classic bent when it comes to our beauty products. It’s got bling, but it’s a subtle bling that’s only really detected in good light or closer inspection. In fact, my photo, which HAD to be taken on an overcast day (me of the manis that don’t last more than 1-2 days) in no way does justice to this beauty of a color. This is ONE COAT of this lovely polish, application being the best of Chanel best in terms of pigmentation and control. In fact, as I write this I am 2 FULL days into this manicure and I have nary a chip or tip wear to show it. That’s unheard of for me and my very productive hands.

How do you do Taboo? You do very well, thank you.

Chanel Le Vernis Taboo 583 is available for US $27 at many Chanel counters and at, and miraculously (incredulously) this is not a limited edition, so should be available for some time.