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Welcome Summer! Chanel Le Vernis June 539 June 12, 2013

Filed under: general — Deborah @ 9:09 am

Chanel Le Vernis June 539Ever look at a nail polish color, and at first go, “ugh,” and then at second go, “hmm” and finally go, “oh wow!”? That’s the way I’ve felt about Chanel Le Vernis June 539, introduced last year as part of the Harmonie de Printemps Spring collection.

June was actually the only one of the three polishes (the others being April 533, a beautiful berry creme, and May 535, a cheerful light pink creme) that I wasn’t going to get because I actually thought it looked sort of ugly. Seriously.

But of course, you all know the worst kind of regret is Chanel regret, so I ended up picking up June anyway as it was a limited edition and because the collector in me has said that “thou shalt have all the polishes in a collection, the end.

I’ve ended up really liking this color. It’s a beautiful melon shade, that actually works almost as a summer neutral. The formula is the classic Chanel creme, two coats are all you need, with no pulling or streaking.

Chanel Le Vernis June 539 is a Limited Edition, and is no longer available on but may still be found at counters and boutiques.