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“keep cool” trick of the day June 24, 2009

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Today it’s about 1000 degrees here in “tropical” Milwaukee, with about 1000% humidity. Seriously, how do you people in Florida and New Orleans deal with this ALL THE TIME?

Now, I like a nice glass of red wine with my pasta dinner just like everyone else does, but it is SO FREAKING HOT here today that the prospect of a “room temperature” glass of Chianti just sounded very unappealing.

Enter, the fridge. Yes, I know, wonder of wonders, the fridge. In my time living in Italy, it would have been considered SACRILEGE to chill a bottle of red wine. They only did that in America with disgusting wines like Lambrusco.  For heavens’ sake, they didn’t even use ICE in their glasses of COKE when I was there. So, looking over my shoulder to be sure the Italian “polizia di vino” weren’t coming after me, I snuck the bottle of Chianti in the fridge. For an hour. And do you know what? It was perfect!

Everyone – chill your wines! And enjoy. Salute!