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The perfect men’s scarf January 6, 2010

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So hubby had a very specific wish for Christmas, which was a nice cashmere scarf with lots of colors. Now, he’s quite the stylish guy, and I knew EXACTLY the scarf he was hoping for, which was something European and I think not unlike the colorful striped scarf he saw chef Jacques Pepin wearing in one of his holiday DVDs.Moreschi Wool and Silk Scarf

My life was a complete disaster leading up to the holidays (new job, houseguests coming at the last minute, two HUGE parties to shop and plan for, house to clean and decorate, oh yeah, and gifts to purchase), so let’s just say I didn’t start the whole searching-for-the-scarf until the week before Christmas. I’m thinking, “how hard can this be?” Hmmm.

I started by calling some of the local men’s boutiques and department stores. Like 12 of them. Since it was so late and I didn’t want to pay a million dollars for shipping. And NOT A SINGLE ONE had what I was looking for. Oh, plenty had brightly colored striped scarves, but in acrylic, or polyester, or some other inferior fabric. And plenty had nice cashmere scarves, but in solid colors, or dark neutral patterns, or, egads, plaid (hubby is decidedly NOT a plaid guy). So then I think, well, dear girl, you must pay the million dollars shipping and hit that old standby, the internet. No problem, right? WRONG!

After a panicked FULL DAY of searching every nook and cranny of Google (and even Bing), I finally discovered this AMAZING web site chock full of Italian products. And there it was – the most beautiful, most perfect scarf – and it cost, well, just short of a million dollars. It was WAY, WAY more than I wanted to spend on a scarf. I tried not to look at it. I tried not to pay attention to the fact it was made in Italy (ITALY!). I tried not to notice the beautiful colors and lovely fabric (wool/silk blend – not cashmere, but actually, IMHO, better). I actually tried to find a less expensive substitute. No problem, right? WRONG!

So at the very last minute, actually, at 15 minutes past the last minute I could order and still make a December 24th delivery date (this is coming from Italy, mind you), I gave in and ordered the very expensive, very beautiful scarf. And I begged and pleaded with the nice Italian lady on the phone to do whatever, WHATEVER, they could to get it here by December 24th. And they did. And it was beautiful, more beautiful even than the picture. And SOFT! And hubby absolutely LOVED it.  And it was worth it.


Holiday madness January 5, 2010

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So I have now completed month 1 of my new job, and have (barely) survived the holidays. Here it is, January 5th, and I actually took down all the Christmas decorations and the ornaments from the tree – all I have left is the lights and the old girl can make her way down to the curb to become mulch. I’m quite proud of this actually, as my usual modus operandi is mid-January at its best.

German Shorthaired NutOf course, I can’t really take the credit for the speedy takedown. No siree, that credit goes to Clifford, our German Shorthaired Nut, er, I mean, Pointer. Within 1 day of the tree being up he ate 2 ornaments. Two of my favorite ornaments actually. One that my daughter made in kindergarten, and one beautiful molded beeswax ornament we’ve had for, oh, 10 years or so. As a result, he celebrated Christmas either tied up or crated, because he has figured out how to open up the doorway between the kitchen and dining/living room, where the tree is.

Why, oh why, couldn’t we have ended up with a stupid dog? Most dogs are dumb, but no, we end up with little Mr. Einstein, who figures out all kinds of devious ways to get in trouble.

Hubby’s cousin Joel and his family stayed with us through the holidays, and kind of gave us a hard time about Clifford’s confinement. So Joel, who fancies himself another Dog Whisperer, takes it upon himself to “manage” Clifford. Let’s just say after about 10 minutes he gave up and said, “that dog’s nuts” and put him back in the crate.

His only saving grace is he’s so cute, with beautiful soft brown eyes. I swear that dog was a human once, who didn’t grasp humility in a past life so was forced to come back as a dog. Unfortunately, he STILL doesn’t grasp humility part.