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What makes an outfit look dated? June 28, 2011

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Great discussion today on on What Makes an Outfit Look Dated? In addition to what you would think of in terms of overly trendy styles (think exposed zippers, shoe booties and shoulder pads – ’80s anyone?), the discussion is ranging from wearing bright tops with black bottoms (hmm… but not the inverse?) and clothes that are too big/too small.


Rushing the seasons September 4, 2010

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Why is it that at the first hint of crispness in the air we are so quick to abandon our summer clothes for fall? It’s not even Labor Day yet, but here it is, temperature in the 50s, and I am considering abandoning my favorite summer sandals for socks and booties.

We do the same thing in the spring, quickly drop the tired clothes of winter for the lighter, brighter clothes of spring and summer, even if there is still a chance of snow.

This year I intend to savor what little bit of summer that’s left. Fall will be here soon enough.


What to Wear at Your First Big Job January 27, 2010

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navy suit

Image from Corporette

Last week I enjoyed this guest post on Corporette by LPC of Privilege on What to Wear at Your First Big Job. The advice given was valuable not just from the “first job” perspective, but also the “new job” and the “I want a promotion” perspectives as well.

Especially important to note is the fact that men in the workplace really do pay attention to what you wear and what you look like, whether you like it or not. This idea, How Men Perceive Women in the Workplace, was explored a bit further recently on MSNBC.

Check it out.