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does social media save time, or suck time? June 17, 2009

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I will admit it. I am a tech junky. A geek. Whatever you want to call it. I am thrilled by the possibilities tech may have to make my life *easier.* As a lawyer who specializes in tech law, this can be a good thing for my job, but not such a good thing for my life overall.

All too often, I find myself sucked into a vortex of techiness for tech’s sake, and it can sometimes take awhile to dig out. Take Twitter for example, that media darling. At first I thought it was a fad, but that attitude is SO mid-2008. Then I thought, “hmm…I should maybe check this out, you know, so I can stay on top of things for my job.”  Yeah, right.  So I signed up and started tweeting, only to emerge, dazed, hours later, wondering where on earth the time went.

Does social media save time? No, I think emphatically it does not. It TAKES time to manage your social *you* – your Facebook wall, your Linked In profile, your tweets. It takes a LOT of time.

The question I still haven’t answered is “why do we do it?” Is it just to hear the virtural tree falling in the forest, to leave our mark on the great ether that is the Internet? Do we have nothing else to do?