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*Experiment* of the day – Chanel nail art July 19, 2012

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Chanel nail art experiment Diwali DragonI am not a fan of much nail art – I can appreciate the artistry and skill that goes into a lot of what’s seen on the web, but I don’t have the time, patience, skill or office environment that would allow me to try it myself.

A month or so ago, Cafe Makeup took photos of the windows at the Chanel Rue Cambon boutique in Paris highlighting the Bombay Express de Chanel collection for the summer. I jumped all over the nail art that Chanel showed there, which was a platinum gold Diwali Le Vernis base topped with a true red diagonal. Unknown what the red is, but I had a hunch that the one-coat beauty that is Dragon Le Vernis would work beautifully here.

As my Diwali manicure needed to be removed anyway, I thought I would take a few minutes and try my hand at the Bombay nail art. This literally was just one coat of Dragon Le Vernis drawn freehand over two coats of Diwali as the gold base. I am sure you could get a much sharper, nicer edge if you used tape. I just wanted to do a quick test to see how it looked.

I really like it, and I am definitely going to do this for a special event or the holidays. I think when I do it again I’ll leave more of the gold showing. For my office, it’s a bit too *flash,* but I think it’s a classic yet unique way to spice up an ordinary manicure.


MORE Chanel nail art from the Fall/Winter 2012/13 Show – UPDATE July 4, 2012

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Both and reported on the new looks and nails presented at the Chanel 2012/13 Fall-Winter Haute Couture Show, and I’m definitely noticing a trend in how Chanel is presenting nail art.

Between the Chanel windows in Paris displaying Diwali (pale gold metallic) with a red creme (possibly either Coromandel or Dragon) diagonal accent, to now a silver metallic base (color unknown) acting as a sort of “outline” to a mid-toned cool pink (looks to my eyes a lot like May but it’s likely a new color), Chanel’s combination of metallics with cremes is refreshing.

As an aside, I was looking at the photos from the show at and let me just say I love the color palette Karl Lagerfeld chose. I know it’s not unique to use shades of grey and pink together but it somehow seems very fresh as a fall/winter collection. I’m used to seeing it more with spring clothes.

Anyway, back to my favorite subject, Chanel nails. What I love about both of these presentations of nail art is that they are classic and subtle, yet slightly edgy and trendy. The “toning down” of a metallic polish by the subtle introduction of a creme makes these nails appropriate for the office (know your office!) but yet still communicates style.

And while I can appreciate the skill and artistry in a lot of nail art, I never, ever thought I would ever do any kind of nail art myself. I don’t have the skill, the time and frankly, I never really want to have nails that are THAT distracting. These nails, though, I could definitely do!

Peter Philips and his team at Chanel really have nailed (no pun intended) the Chanel brand promise in these presentations. They took what is a definite trend (nail art) and made it classy.

UPDATE –’s Beauty Counter blog had an exclusive interview with Peter Philips after the show, and quotes the following regarding the nails:

“The show’s theme was best realized through Sam McKnight’s silver-lined, forties-era hair nets and the nails, where Philips took the idea of the classic French manicure and gave it a touch of now, thus ushering in Chanel’s first foray into fashion’s continued embrace of the nail art revival. “When we were playing around with the idea of doing a nail polish, we evoked the idea of using two shades on one nail,” Philips explained, employing a discontinued chrome color that launched in 2007 to outline the entire nail bed, rather than just the tip, which had been lacquered with two coats of May, a melon varnish from the Spring 2012 show. “[New vintage] is…preparation for something that could last,” Lagerfeld explained to our intrepid runway reporter following the show, which we’ll take as a sign that nail art isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. At least now we have a new design to challenge our manicurist with.”

Well as I noted above, I would disagree that it’s their “first foray” into the “nail art revival,” but let’s not get technical.

So I was right about May 535 being the pink – although I would seriously debate with calling it a “melon” color. Now Le Vernis June 539, I would call a “melon” color, but May, that is decidedly a mid-toned pink. The silver, well, debate on the interweb is that it could be Kaleidescope 479, and it could be Silver (special edition). Kaleidsescope 479 was a Fall 2008 release (and Phillips said in his interview it was a 2007 polish). After looking at online swatches (sadly, I don’t own either, or any silver metallic chrome), I think it could be either one.

In any case, Phillips certainly did not hint in his interview (and the blasted interviewer didn’t ask! They need to have ME do these interviews – I would grill him to within an inch of his life! Chanel fans MUST know!)  that he would be re-releasing said “chrome color” polish. However, I think the look could be easily replicated with other metallics, either gold or silver, and any number of other mid-toned cremes (with silver, I agree that May is a good choice, as is June, and possibly Coco Blue for fun!). I’m sure there are tons of OPI, Essie and China Glaze dupes of a silver metallic, chrome-finish polishes as well if you wanted to dupe the nail art exactly while we wait with bated breath to find out if Chanel will re-release or dupe a silver metallic chrome polish.

One can only hope.