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stealth manicure June 17, 2009

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So I was with hubby this weekend at a 2-day, all-day event (okay, a car show … the things we’ll do for them!), where we had to leave early in the morning, sit there all day, then leave in the evening. I was desperate for a mani/pedi, but had no time.

But never fear, necessity is the mother of invention, and I threw some nail polish remover padsOPI’s Start to Finish base/top coat, and a light nail polish color in a mini-bag as we headed out the door. Then, whilst hubby was busy with “car stuff” I snuck off to the hotel lobby bathroom to paint my nails.   Toes first, then back out for a bit, then “gotta make a pit stop” and back in for the fingers. Hubby was never the wiser.

One tip: DO NOT DO THIS with bright/dark colors. I brought a light pink shade to hide the inevitable slips.