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Apple Pay is the killer app for Apple Watch September 4, 2015

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apple watch apple payI’m now 6 weeks into my Apple Watch love affair and our relationship just keeps deepening. Perhaps most surprising to me, however, as the initial glow wears off and we start to develop a more entwined and symbiotic relationship, is how Apple Pay has really become the Apple Watch’s killer app.

As I mentioned previously, I’m usually one to try new things – not early adopter per se but right on the tail end of that mindset. When Apple launched Apple Pay on iPhone, I was all excited to get my cards loaded in and start using it. Unfortunately, the fact that it takes the same effort to root through my purse to find my phone as my wallet (actually my wallet is bigger so it’s easier to find!), and I never quite figured out how to make it work seamlessly by touching my phone to the credit card terminal, I rarely, if ever, ended up using it in real life.

disney magic bandWith Watch though, it’s AMAZING! If you’ve been to a Disney park since they launched Magic Bands you’ll know exactly what I mean. You wear the Magic Band on your wrist and it serves as your room key, park ticket, and digital wallet – you just wave the band at the terminal anywhere on property to buy food, gifts, services, everything. With Apple Pay on Apple Watch, its like having a Magic Band for your real (i.e. non- Disney) life.

Now, as I’m heading to the checkout line, I don’t need to root through my purse to find ANYTHING. I just quickly double tap the side button on the Watch  (the longish button below the digital crown) to open Passbook, and hold my wrist up to the terminal. Payment is seamless, instant and secure. I’ve seen a few cashiers’ mouths drop open when I do this, which always makes for an interesting quick conversation.

apple pay on watchFor security, you do have to load your credit cards on the Watch app separately from the cards on your iPhone (although your other Passbook cards, like frequent buyer cards and coupons will sync to Watch if you have Mirror My iPhone selected in the Passbook app under Watch). You can select your default card on the Passbook app as well (and it can be different than the one on your iPhone). You also should have your Watch set with a passcode if it’s off your wrist if you are planning on loading cards to your Watch. But once that’s done, you are good to go! You too can impress your local cashiers.

What do you think? Is Apple Pay the killer app is for Apple Watch? Let me know in the comments!


does social media save time, or suck time? June 17, 2009

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I will admit it. I am a tech junky. A geek. Whatever you want to call it. I am thrilled by the possibilities tech may have to make my life *easier.* As a lawyer who specializes in tech law, this can be a good thing for my job, but not such a good thing for my life overall.

All too often, I find myself sucked into a vortex of techiness for tech’s sake, and it can sometimes take awhile to dig out. Take Twitter for example, that media darling. At first I thought it was a fad, but that attitude is SO mid-2008. Then I thought, “hmm…I should maybe check this out, you know, so I can stay on top of things for my job.”  Yeah, right.  So I signed up and started tweeting, only to emerge, dazed, hours later, wondering where on earth the time went.

Does social media save time? No, I think emphatically it does not. It TAKES time to manage your social *you* – your Facebook wall, your Linked In profile, your tweets. It takes a LOT of time.

The question I still haven’t answered is “why do we do it?” Is it just to hear the virtural tree falling in the forest, to leave our mark on the great ether that is the Internet? Do we have nothing else to do?