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The guilty pleasures of cut flowers July 22, 2009

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It was my birthday this week. I’ve been married for 16+ years, and hubby has never really been the “buy flowers” type of guy. He’s always been much more into unique, unplanned, atypical kinds of gestures, which I really like. Always thought we were too cool for flowers.

However, this year, something’s gotten into him. For our anniversary this year, he had this amazingly huge bouquet of flowers delivered to the office. All the women (and even some of the men) oohed and ahhhed. It was dramatic. Sitting on my desktop it was almost as tall as me. Huge. Like hotel lobby kind of huge. And I told him so, and he was the big hero.

So cut to this week, and sure enough, another call from reception and another AMAZINGLY beautiful bouquet. Really dramatic and unique (although not huge, but that’s not a bad thing). Unlike any arrangement I’ve seen before. And again, he’s the hero.

And while I’ve always been a bit of a contrarian, never going for the “Hallmark holidays” or anything like the typical candy-and-flowers types of gestures, I could really, really get used to the guilty pleasures of having cut flowers on my desk.